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Callesella - News release

Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever. Meet-up at FuoriSalone in Milan.


In other words, a home can change many times in some details, in the layout or in the transformation of the furniture. The point is that style should always be recognizable, beyond the trends of the moment.
COCO marks Callesella company in a more elegant way. It is a refined furniture collection with a vaguely Deco touch but designed and thought to be modern.

Kitchen Sweet Kitchen, download the new catalogue

Kitchen Sweet Kitchen

It has just arrived. It was presented last 9th September at the agents meeting of Callesella Arredamenti. It’s now here. “Kitchen Sweet Kitchen” is the new kitchen and living concept based on a warm and enveloping mood with a sense of Italian and English style. Everything is showed and described in the specific catalogue. Eighty pages where you can find some completed situations (the four compositions Classic Melody, English Style, Italian Mood e Romantic Light), some suggestions for a customised choice. Which will be your favourite situation?

Cooking&Living time… time for innovation


Elegance and chic, first of all. A Country mood with an international look which mix Italian with English Style. It takes a peek at a new classic taste which is suitable both for a farmhouse and a city loft, whether for an Upper East kitchen or one in St Petersburg. Because everything can be Sweet.

We tell you about Fly Street kitchen.

Fly Street

It’s the latest kitchen of Callesella Arredamenti collections.
We showed you the pictures – the best ones - of its debut during the Milano Design Week but we didn’t tell you anything more about Fly Street.
This is a kitchen to be part of a masterchef class having all the features for cooking lovers who need well defined professional workspaces . Look for example at the wide worktop.

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Callesella is now on Pinterest too, a very popular Social for design lovers, life style, home furnishings and architecture to communicate our brand experience and identity. A new way for us to propose new ideas to innovative people and explore together creative places and styles to share our "experiments" and innovations.

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The protagonist at Fuori Salone: the “Fly Street Cart”

Social Eater

A few days after Salone del Mobile of Milan and Fuori Salone, we present you the protagonist of our proposals: the Fly Street Cart. Fly Street drew the attention of visitors and design professionists, both by ACLI association (via Conte Rosso 5 - Ventura Lambrate) and along the streets of the youngest and more exciting district of the Design Week.

Last creation by Callesella Lab

creation by Callesella Lab

Both the interior designer and the customer’s wish was to blend together the traditional mountain style with the modern one.
The result is light oak and fir wood furniture, treated with water-based varnishes offering a full chromatic homogenity. 180 square meters house composed of entrance hall, kitchen, living and dining room,1 bedroom, 2 toilets and a walk-in closet.
This project was fully developed by Callesella Lab, the common ground where the customer and the designer ideas meet and flows into a complete customized solution.

Milan Design Week 12th-17th April 2016

Design Week

This will be our first #FuoriSalone. A participation born from the cooperation with SID, the Italian School of Design of which we are the sponsor for the concept and the creation of a new collection and a “hacked” interpretation of Fly.
The location is at Ventura Lambrate, via Conterosso 5, in the most experimental area of the show. We wait for you from 12th to 17th April, 10:00 to 8:00 p.m. Stay Connected.