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Callesella - News release

Wood is timeless

Il legno non ha età

Wood is timeless, and Callesella will show you. For the first time in our history, we have introduced the Petroleum Kitchen, made with parts in recycled wood. Using antique furnishings, doors, floors and parts of slabs, we have succeeded in recycling wood fallen into disuse and therefore made unique by time. Now these pieces of furniture tell their stories: at the same time, they offer aesthetic distinctive features and a wealth of memories from ages ago. The types of wood you can ask for are: antique saponato fir, antique grey fir, antique durmast. If you want to know more, contact us!

Laquered Metal is born

Laccato Metal

Callesella keeps on working towards technological innovation, without giving up tradition. With the new collection’s launch, we have decided to explore new esthetic solutions, focusing on finishes. This is how Laquered Metal was born: this finish adds to an artisanal painting cycle a special treatment with metal powder. This process enriches the surface with metallic veining and reflections, recalling iron, gold, and brass. The finishes we propose are: Platinum, Antiquated Copper and Antiquated Brass. Which one would you choose for your spaces?

With Dussmann Homes, in the most beautiful homes

An international collaboration for kitchen design and manufacturing aimed at exclusive holiday homes.
We are all committed to a partnership with Dussmann Homes, the leader in Germany in real estate promoting for luxury villas in the beautiful Istria.
Its houses are built with low environmental impact, respecting the features of the traditional local architecture with the use of natural materials: wooden furniture has been chosen, the absolute protagonist of the Callesella kitchens.

Children, Green Coatings and Environment

The coatings we use have always been environmentally conscious but there are some news in Callesella house: 4 new completely eco-friendly finishes. An increasingly Green solution in choosing Pure Green Coatings by Renner, which is in line with the use of wood as a raw material. It is not just a tradition, but love for nature and respect for those who live a home and it is daily in contact with the furniture, in fact it "breathes" it.

The video about us

Through the pictures, our essence. The values which distinguish us: craftsmanship, environment, attention to detail. Always. And the collections we design thinking about people, who will live their own home. Many different houses, all of them inspired by Callesella. Here you are the new video about us.

Fuorisalone 2018 Milan

Once again this year we will be at Fuorisalone in Milan in a very special edition. In collaboration with Mobili Riccelli of Rho, we will display some elements of Every Day and Cocò Collection at the showroom of our partner.
Two souls of Callesella together: the country and the elegant international, both contemporary and designed for a house with a strong personality.

Big Dream in a Little Tower con Callesella Contract

A dream and a place where you can feel new emotions, in an atmosphere full of history. The location is the Farmhouse Tower of Maiano, on the hills of Fiesole (Florence), which has been completely restored thanks to the Architect Simone Micheli and the customer, the Count Francesco Miari Fulcis.
A neo-Gothic style Tower which was built by Sir John Temple Leader between 1870 and 1894. Recently, it has been converted in a precious suite equipped with all comforts and a minimal style which does not undermine its inner artistic beauties.