Italian Mood

In this furniture proposal, the focus of the whole setting is the kitchen: as a matter of fact, the functions and the rhythms of the other areas of the house depend on it. The central island – with its fir table, joined together with the equipped wall – is part of the kitchen and is esthetically connected with the sofa. The island range hood, made of wood and placed above the cooking area, has a practical function, because it also works as a utensil rack.
You can see the unique Italian style also in the small elements, such as for the decorative metal handles put on the doors, drawers and baskets, as a sign of quality.

The wooden island hood dominates the cooking area and it also serves as a practical tool holder.

A precious touch is given to the decorative metal handle which distinguishes doors, drawers and baskets.

The kitchen is made up of different parts connected by refined shapes and materials in warm and natural shades.

An enjoyable living ambience and it is able to furnish with continuity each home space.