London 2021

During their first meetings, the client and the architect discussed the possibility of demolishing the old building to build a new home on the same site. Nevertheless, both parties were of the opinion that the existing building benefited from a unique, unconventional character that could generate an exclusive project. This preindustrial building had already been converted and extended by the previous owners but its spaces were badly and inconsistently organised.
The designer suggested to create a physical connection between the front and the main section of the original building. This became a cement wall that physically and visually connected the building in a horizontal and vertical direction, becoming both a structural and a visual element, constituing the driving force of the plan. Great care has been taken to preserve the original masonry that is nearly always visible.
A combination of exposed cement, brickwork, and steel and oak parts pool together to create an industrial look in line with the origins of the building. The result is a luxury, contemporary home that preserves strong bonds with the past. Callesella has skilfully furnished and favoured the conservative yet simultaneously contemporary concept of this building’s Victorian mood.

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