Children, Green Coatings and Environment

The coatings we use have always been environmentally conscious but there are some news in Callesella house: 4 new completely eco-friendly finishes. An increasingly Green solution in choosing Pure Green Coatings by Renner, which is in line with the use of wood as a raw material. It is not just a tradition, but love for nature and respect for those who live a home and it is daily in contact with the furniture, in fact it "breathes" it.
We think above all of children, of the importance for their well-being and their growth sleeping peacefully in bedrooms designed with attention to many details: the use of materials and finishes free of harmful substances is certainly one of the most important.
Therefore, for the new bedrooms collection, we relied on Pure Green Coatings, whose goals are the contribution to the construction of healthy and livable spaces, the elimination of harmful substances, and the increase of air quality within the home. Aims that we have embraced.
The range of finishes selected by Callesella for the bedrooms, water-based oils and plant-based coatings, with class A + (mandatory classification, for example, according to French legislation), in addition to enhancing the beauty of wood, are free of formaldehyde and aromatic solvents, which are very dangerous for health.
All information that can also be acquired thanks to the symbols clearly specified by Renner. Here below some examples:
VOC ZERO: coatings with this symbol are exclusive because they emit zero volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere, VOC Zero precisely, thus helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.
VEGETABLE EXTRACTS: these Renner coatings are the synthesis of unrefined vegetable substances such as linseed oil and carnauba wax. They do not derive from oil and do not contain heavy metals.
RENEWABLE SOURCE: the coatings provided with this mark, have a dry residue with the maximum concentration of raw material from renewable sources. All Renner coatings are produced with machineries powered by clean energy.
APE ZERO: coatings with APE ZERO mark are free from alkinfendo ethoxylated, a dangerous substance for the environment and for human being because it can have an effect on the reproductive system.