Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever. Meet-up at FuoriSalone in Milan.


In other words, a home can change many times in some details, in the layout or in the transformation of the furniture. The point is that style should always be recognizable, beyond the trends of the moment.
COCO marks Callesella company in a more elegant way. It is a refined furniture collection with a vaguely Deco touch but designed and thought to be modern.
Tables, beds, sofas, chairs, lamps, benches and bathroom furniture: each piece is distiguished by a unique design reflected in our material, the wood, combined with precious finishes. Marbles, metals, decorations are mixed in a mat-shiny contrast. Common feature, in addition to the design, is the ability to change and adapt in every setting as a connecting link among the different rooms.
We have thought them in houses of different cities - today and tomorrow – in suggestive and realistic places so that everyone could imagine and make them own, contextualizing them in the everyday home.
Soon, imagination will come true. COCO will be presented at FuoriSalone in Milan, on 4th April from 12pm. Stay tuned.